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We aim to ensure that every member of the club has the full opportunity to experience the various sports on offer at the Academy. 

We ensure that people are able to develop at their own pace, to their own level, and in a safe environment. Through the principles of martial arts and the sports we offer, we have been able to help increase the self esteem and confidence of local people, and help keep them healthy..!

Starting out in 1999, the name of the club was derived from the children who trained there, as they were asked to pick a Korean word that they each thought would fit the bill. Kang Han means ‘strong as in powerful’ in Korean.

Following several years of training at various locations, in 2009 the club took out a long term lease at its present venue at Beardall Street, Hucknall. Here it has expanded to deliver a wider offering of sports and self-defence to the community.  

The Academy now features Taekwondo, Boxing, Kick Boxing and is also used as a dance and fitness centre.

Over 300 people, on average, use the Academy’s facilities per week, where training for all abilities and ages (currently ranging from 4-58 years old)  is provided, as well as support for both able-bodied and disabled members with physical and mental impairments.

Kang Han Chief Instructor Grandmaster Ian Lennox, 8th Dan, and member of British Taekwondo’s Martial Arts Technical Team, became British Taekwondo’s first British-born person to achieve the title of Grandmaster in November 2014.

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